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Monday, 25 November 2013

We Meet Again

Assalamualaikum makluk2 n creature sekaliansss ....saranghae readers yg cun lg handsome (senyum sorang2 la tue agak dah)...It's okay semua dah tercipta sempurna olehnya (say Alhamdullilah n Subhanallah) ok move on mikenak ceriter siketmini hangout + reunioun with my sahabat selamanya sabtu lepas(haish terbongkar dah bakat terpendam admin nie asyik lambat ja hupdate blog almaklumlah ...penyabar orgnya bahhaha(peluh kecil)................

ok move once upon a time ....there are one little cute girl love to eat mixed fruit with peanut sauce(rojak lah hahah)

Then she tried  to persuade everyone to try it .... n the first lucky victim.....

N then......she was able to make me fall in luv with her special treat coz it was delectable.....n now 2 of us thehehe

n after to many "n then " all of us being trapped with that rojak muahahahha

N we were eager to know the secret luvly meal recipe n she brought us to her beautiful secret garden  n she did tell us the miracle was there (the green  fresh fruit plantation) ..n we take take a few picture as we feel super duper excited

n agan n then and nthen when some of us keep  strolling around there n two cute girls still excited n camwhoring there huhhhh

n nn nnnn  see who just have a green hand aunty faiz upssss hahahaha the one that wearing unique uniform (???) the maroon one

and ands andss andsssssss the end tata....

.wait .... as a reward we need to send three princesss back to their world (actually their house bahahah)

then thens thensssss we were quite lethargic n unwind ourselves to bittergourd....uhhhh ,,,, bubble gurt lohhh

keep calm n enjoy your smoothie hihi

then haish keep calm n enjoy the pictures  in this entry jyeahhhh

luv much our friendship muahh hehehe strive for the second sem n study elok2 hampa semua ada rezeki kita sambung degree kat tempat yang sama noh

HII hihihi

Toddles T_T


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