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Friday, 15 March 2013

BeTWeEn HaPPinEss N DiStRess

Hellofella,hello boys,Assalamualaikum w.b.t 4 today I will share about my contrast experiance at driving school with my 2 bff adinz n fadzlin YESTERDAY!! Like the entry that I had highligted above between hapiness n distress ,shall I start it with hapiness first

3 of us struggling 4 that test huaaa////

  • Guess what ??? I had passed my motorcycle jpj test on both section,section ii n iii I'm in pellirious euphoria ....imagine!!! my first impression was surely I would failed section ii coz it was hard 4 me to stabilize my self crossing on the 2 inch thick,n narrow bridge<<<<<<< lol crossing that bridge seems like I'm in circus hohoho<<<<<>>>>I feel good tenenene...haha .

AM I LOOK LIKE THIS when my turn to cross that bridge

  • maybe after this i will apply n being a part time worker at circus n be like this b4 continuing my further study..

lallalaa ulala

  • oNE MORE THING..on section iii waving my hands as a sign before turning to the right or left<<<<<<<<<>>FLYING WITh ONE WING(with one hand lol)maybe it look like.....

uyaya  uyaieee

  • Forget it I will not do such crazy task anymore.....Chillax....

  • I'm quite elated too passed road test 4 D class(car test) Imagine I forgot to check the wipper which one of the most important action that promise us to pass that test goodly...... n one more thing to my suprise the tester asked me to u-turn immediately.....>>>it means shortcut...no need to drive too far away>>>> I'm the lucky one on that day hohoho....or maybe coz I was the 2nd last person to be tested by him...


mom I'm very sad!!!

  •  omg I had failed 4 section ii car test(adin n me failed this section maybe that we call frenz in bliss n hardship)haha...It was driving on the steep hill......Fishhhhh when my turn to get down from the steep hill as I my front wheels were in the yellow line bar >>>>Failing to control suitable foot pressure on the clutch it was hard4 the car to move to the front>>>>n with a token of nervousness the car seem to move behind n I brake immediately>>>>so what else the tester asked me to free the gear n get down from the car>>>>>since that day I hate manual car......who create that car arggghhhhh I WANNA SLAP HIM OR HER LIKE THIS

  • ...if auto transmission surely I not need to worry about  handling the hell clutch<<<<<<<<>>>>but trying to unwind me both of them said that maybe that day no belong to me maybe other day..... SO anyting happen there???? Nervousness lead us to break up guiness world records by going to the toilet oftenly<<<<<<<< until now I'm still thinking that where such that liquid(i mean urine LOLLOLOL) came from.....
  •  To let our hair down we(adin ,khadijah n me) keep chatting n joking..until we laugh like  this cute+pretty lady hoho

  •  Anyway I am quite gleefull to meet two of my bestfriend at primary school(khadijah n shaliyana)  

BFF in primary school

  • Not only that after that test I got fever n fall asleep early at 930 O,CLOCK>>>>>>imagine we being waiting for much hours(from 9 am until 0530 pm)hahhhh really exhausted On that day I got stomachache n i brought a cream >>>>>>>I noticed that the tester smell  something????
  • hohoh OK ONLY THAT I CAN SHARE I STILL HOPING TO PASS D CLASS SECTION 11 TEST pray for my frenz n me please!!!sorry 4 grandma error  grammar error BYEEE WASSALAM<<<<

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